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Kim Schofield


Kim Schofield is recognized as the country’s top litigation expert in criminal law. Ms. Schofield’s practice has a particular emphasis on defending individuals charged with serious drug and firearm related charges, along with homicide, aggravated assault and a wide range of other offences. In addition, Ms. Schofield specializes in large-scale project cases, with a particular emphasis on challenging wire tape authorizations.

With over three decades of experience, Ms. Schofield has also transformed the bail system in Canada. She has secured release orders for individuals charged with first degree and second-degree murder along with clients charged with kilograms of fentanyl, and multiple firearms.

Ms. Schofield’s experience and strategic process has served her clients well over the span of her career. Her work ethic, and commitment to hold the State accountable, along with her unique approach to her cases has resulted in unprecedented results with over 150 reported decisions on Quicklaw alone. A number of recent cases have also dealt with traffic stops where minorities are routinely stopped by police under the guise of a Cannabis Act investigation. Ms. Schofield has successfully argued many times that police cannot engage in racial profiling and rely on the Cannabis Act as a way to justify an unreasonable search. Ms. Schofield is always on the cutting edge of challenging the constant threat of state intrusions on our privacy interests.

The justice system worked as it should — because the rest of the system in this case certainly didn’t.

Kim Schofield

I think it’s not a surprise to anybody that the police investigating the police is not a very viable or reliable system.

Kim Schofield


She has had more success in uncovering police corruption, and misconduct than any other lawyer. Many of her cases have resulted in police officers being charged both criminally, and in violation of the Police Services Act.

As a fearless litigator and tireless advocate for her clients, she understands that analytic and strategic thinking are crucial to obtaining a successful result. Her decision-making is informed by decades of experience in the courtroom, specializing in criminal defense work. She understands the often overwhelming impact of criminal charges on the lives of her clients, and strives to ensure that wherever possible, clients are not burdened with the stigma of a criminal record.

Ms. Schofield has been recognized by her peers as a leading expert in many areas of criminal law. She has been invited to lecture on numerous occasions at seminars convened by the Law Society of Ontario, the Criminal Lawyers’ Association and other organizations, offering her insights on subjects such as challenging search warrants, and on the nuances of obtaining exclusionary remedies pursuant to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.