Fearless Advocacy

We understand the overwhelming impact of criminal charges and strive to ensure that wherever possible, our clients are not burdened with the stigma of a criminal record

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Ricardo Golec

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Ricardo Golec is a Senior Associate at Schofield Macchia and Associates. Mr. Golec is an experienced advocate who regularly appears at all levels of court, and has successfully defended a number of clients on a wide range of charges. He has represented clients at every stage of the process, including bail hearings, preliminary hearings, trials, and appeals. While Mr. Golec is experienced with all aspects of the criminal process, he has considerable experience and success defending impaired related charges.

Mr. Golec completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Toronto as a criminology specialist, and attended Osgoode for law school. He was called to the Bar in 2014 and has been practicing exclusively in the area of criminal law since then. His practice consists exclusively in defending the most serious criminal charges and also has a strong background in legal research, and advocacy.

Mr. Golec is also fluent in Spanish.